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Medical Transcription

Primary care services

Fundamental medical service we provide refers to primary care services. Aside from routine health checkups with ECG, radiology and lab testing, primary care includes treatment of all mildly sick patients, immunization, pregnancy test, chronic disease management and more. 

Wellness and prevention services

Preventing disease and improving health quality is the essential role of every doctor. Thus, we provide various prevention services, such as blood pressure and weight control, cancer screening tests, vaccines for adults, consultations regarding STD and mental issues and other.

Internal medicine examinations

Our clinic hires experts in various fields of internal medicine, which provide diagnostic procedures and treatments in endocrinology, hematology, immunology, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology and gynecology. If required, we send our patients to associated surgical clinics we work with.

Pediatric services

The youngest patients are, also, the focus of our attention. Our pediatricians provide health care to children ages 0-18. Services include development screening and physical examinations, immunization, treatment of various infections, management of asthma, diabetes and other pediatric diseases.

Why Choose Us

Quality of our service and numerous satisfied, healthy and cured patients are the best recommendation to our clinic. Two major policies guiding our work include highest standards of professional medical service and convenient approach to each patient individually. Our experts are investing their superb knowledge, experience, skills, and dedication to their services and the clinic is equipped with the latest medical devices for diagnostic and treating procedures. All of this makes us leading health care provider in our community and the best choice to all patients.

Our Advantages

Superb medical experts

Our clinic hires teams of highly professional, experienced and dedicated medical professionals, including doctors of various specialties, a sufficient number of nurses, technicians, and other medical stuff. All of them provide their knowledge and skills into treating the process of each patient.

The latest equipment

We strive to stay updated and meet the latest standards in modern medicine. Thus, our clinic is equipped with powerful, modern diagnostic devices and treatment procedures that provide precise results, efficient workflow and successful therapy for every patient.

Individual approach

We treat people, not the diseases. Every patient gets fully personal approach and treatment adjusted according to his or her specific features. Also, each patient gets the electronic chart. Thus doctors can easily follow up with the evolution of the disease.

Comprehensive treatment process

One of the greatest advantages of our clinic is the implementation of highly efficient diagnostic and treatment workflow, which provide patients with successful therapy but also save their time and energy spent in health care system.

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