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Our clinic is founded three decades ago with a clear mission to provide high-quality health care services to all the citizens in our region. Since we strive to meet highest standards of modern medicine and health care providing in general, we’ve gathered several teams of superb medical experts in various subspecialties. They are accompanied by a sufficient number of experienced and skilled nurses, technicians and additional medical stuff. All of our members are dedicated, passionate about their job and responsible regarding each patient.

Another goal was to provide a wide range of services, and nowadays we cover dozens of medical fields and areas. This includes a full range of internal medicine specialties, pediatric services, radiology and rich collection of lab testing, as well as available consultations regarding wellness, prevention, and mental health. Whether you have a common cold, want to do a routine checkup of your health condition, get ECG, chest X-ray, various lab tests, cancer screening, or you have a particular health problem, emergency case or chronic disease, our experts will provide the best diagnostic procedure and effective treatment or management. Each patient gets a personal electronic chart where all the interventions, testing and diagnostic result and other important data are noted. This enables every doctor in our hospital to get precise insight into each patient’s health condition and issues.

Efficient administrative system accompanied by latest diagnostic equipment enables our medical experts to provide precise, effective, time preserving and cost-benefit efficient treating procedure, which save time and energy to all our patients while providing successful results. Once checked into our hospital, every patient is fully examined and directed straight to the next step in the algorithm of his treatment, without delay. Once released from the hospital, each of our patients if regularly monitored and controlled, because we want to stay sure you are not only cured but also having the healthy physical condition.